Product: Custom Chocolate Powder

Forbes can create a custom chocolate powder, formulated to suit your needs. With a wide array of products and expertise, Forbes custom chocolate powders can be formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of fat-free milk, while delivering sweetness and texture. We can also provide indulgent chocolate flavors for your high-fat products. We have perfected chocolate formulas for plant-based beverages as well. Our products deliver the rich flavor that can only come from top-quality ingredients. We have specially formulated chocolate powders for lactose-free and certified milk as well. Contact a flavor specialist today to learn more about these innovative products.

Key Benefits & Usages:

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    Whole Milk, 2%, 1%, Fat-Free, Lactose Free, Plant-Based Beverages

Key Features:



* Formulations to suit the nutritional requirements of fat-free applications * Formulations to enhance texture * Formulations to provide rich chocolate flavor in high-fat milk


Specially formulated products to enhance the flavor of plant-based beverages

Certified & Lactose-Free

Certified formulations for health-conscious products

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