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Ice Cream Powder

Cocoa Powder with salt and vanilla. In some cases this powder may be pre-sweetened.

Some products available in convenient 3 - 3.5 lb. packages.

St. Moritz
Alkalized cocoa with a deep red-brown color and strong flavor. Our top-of-the-line premium cocoa powder.
Package: 25 lb. bag
No. 287
Dry Ice cream mix, pre-sweetened and with pure vanilla for optimal flavor. A favorite for both hard ice cream & soft-serve.
Usage: Hard ice cream: 3lbs. to 5 gallons of mix. Soft-serve: 3lbs. to 10 gallons of mix.
Package: 30 lb. bag or 36 lb. carton (12-3 lb. bags)
Alkalized cocoa with a rich red-brown color and good flavor. Ideal for an exceptional chocolate ice cream flavor.
Package: 50 lb. bag
No. 289
A pre-sweetened blend of alkalized cocoas and artifical color for a pleasantly strong flavor and deep dark premium color.
Usage: Hard ice cream: 3.5 lbs. to 5 gallon of mix. Soft-serve: 3.5 lbs. to 10 gallons of mix.
Package: 36 lb. bag or 35 lb. carton (10-3.5 lb. bags)
Alkalized cocoa with a brown color and medium flavor. Preferred for a more economical line of ice cream.
Package: 50 lb. bag
No. 290
Alkalized cocoa with a red-brown color, rich cocoa flavor and a little pure vanilla. It gives an ideal character to mix and ice cream.
Usage: Hard ice cream: 3 lbs. to 10 gallon of mix.
Package: 30 lb. bag
GSE 16/18
Medium to high fat cocoa powder with a medium red-brown color. Combines the flavor of the 10/12 with the mouthfeel of high fat.
Package: 50 lb. bag
No. 297
A more concentrated version of our No. 287.
Usage: Hard ice cream: 4 lbs. to 10 gallon of mix.
Package: 30 lb. bag
Versoix 22/24
High fat alkalized cocoa powder with a brownish-red color, full cocoa flavor and smooth texture.
Package: 50 lb. bag
Defatted Cocoa
Alkalized cocoa with a dark brown color and less than 1.0% fat.
Usage: Hard ice cream: 4 lbs. to 10 gallon of mix.
Package: 30 lb. bag
Chocolate Chips
Semi-sweet chocolate chips with an irregular cut.
Usage: Start at a rate of roughly 6 lbs. to 10 gallons of mix and adjust as desired.
Package: 50 lb. carton
Custom Blended
We custom blend cocoa powders to your secification whether you need a certain fal level (5/6, 6/8, etc.) or a specific color or flavor. So, if there is a particular cocoa you need matched or one you want to create yourself, we can do it.


Call now and let one of our product experts help you choose the product that best fits your application. Forbes Chocolate can create custom blends and flavors tailored to your needs!